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Facial Spa

Facials, Add-On's, Brow & Wax Treatments

Carrie's Customized Organic Facials
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Enjoy one hour of pure bliss and relaxation with the scents of essential oils in the air, the sounds of the ocean, tranquil music and escape to your very own paradise.  Every facial will begin with a thorough  skin analysis, which at that point Carrie will determine which facial best suits your skin type.  You will experience a therapeutic massage on your decolletage, shoulder, neck, scalp, face, arm and hands.  While you are resting with your customized mask, a warm neck roll is placed under your neck and your hands are placed in warm mitts for a cozy, relaxing sensation.


All of Carrie's facials include warm towels, steam and thorough extractions and end with an age-defying eye cream rich in oxygen and repairing enzymes to rejuvenate the delicate skin around the eye. Also contains peptides to help reduce dark circles and seaweed to firm and increase luminosity under the eye and around the crow's feet. 

After your facial is complete your body will be in a state of ultimate relaxation.  Your skin will feel refreshed, tighter, and look brighter leaving you with a glowing complexion. 

Carrie prides herself on educating her clients on the benefits of products, facials, and home care and also how to improve skin while keeping it healthy.

Carrie has now exclusively created a unique, organic skin care line made up of naturally sourced elements from the ocean which contain vital nutrients and minerals that restore skin elasticity, vibrancy, firmness and tone.

Blissful Classic Facial $95

This facial is great for combination and sensitive skin types.  First a gentle foaming cleanser is applied to nourish and soothe the skin.  Next a moisturizing toner containing Aloe Vera and antioxidants is applied to soothe and tone the skin.  After that a gentle exfoliator made with fine pumice, pearl particles, bamboo and antioxidants is massaged into the skin to refine the skin surface, speed up cellular turnover and stimulate micro-circulation into the dermis. Steam will then be applied to the skin and extractions are performed.  After that, receive a relaxing facial massage using a blend of soothing neroli essence of lavender and juniper botanical oils.  After your massage you are ready for your mask which is a blend of 100% organic propolis, honey and marine extract immersed in a seaweed gel to heal, calm and hydrate the skin.  After the mask is removed, a light serum enriched with repairing enzymes is applied for the treatment of dark pigmentation and age spots while promoting skin luminosity and firmness.  Finally a light moisturizer with antioxidant protection against aging factors and free radicals is applied.  After your facial you will be in a state of blissful relaxation while your skin will feel invigorated and look radiant.

Rejuvenating Anti-Aging Facial $120

For the ultimate pampering experience with age defying results, this facial begins with a gentle, soothing and creamy lavender cleanser.  A moisturizing sea water mist containing Aloe Vera and antioxidants is applied followed by a light exfoliating cream containing micro-particles of pearl, fine pumice and bamboo to gently refine the surface of the skin.  Next an all natural enzyme peel is applied to enhance more rapid cellular turnover promoting a more youthful, vibrant and smooth complexion.  Steam is applied and extractions are then performed to rid the skin of any impurities.  Next a therapeutic massage is performed to stimulate blood flow in the face and train the facial muscle to arch upward, not downward, using a regenerative antioxidant facial oil.  In preparation of your mask a skin brightening booster is applied to go under the mask.  Your mask is custom made fresh with a blend of intense moisturizing properties made with 100% organic honey mixed with a super antioxidant marine algae powder to lighten dark pigmentation, tighten and firm the skin and provide a radiant complexion.  Once the mask is removed a light weight serum with full antioxidant properties is applied  to defend cellular DNA from environmental anti-aging factors.  The ultimate anti-aging moisturizer enriched with skin rejuvenating seaweed extracts and DNA repairing enzymes is applied to provide skin firmness and prevent aging symptoms such as age spots, wrinkles and loss of tone.  Lastly, an anti-aging cream is massaged into the skin promoting firmness and rejuvenation to the neck, decolletage area and hands.  This facial is the ultimate uplifting treatment for the skin while leaving it rejuvenated with a beautiful radiant glow.

Clarifying Anti-Acne Facial $120

Target those problem areas with a deep cleanser to revitalize and stimulate micro-circulation.  The skin is then toned with a mist of 100% pure concentrated seaweed botanical extracts to provide nourishing and antiseptic benefits.  Next, a gentle exfoliate containing micro-particles of pearl, fine pumice and bamboo is massaged into the skin to refine the skin surface followed by an all natural enzyme peel to break down dead skin cells and penetrate the deeper level of the epidermis revealing a more vibrant, smooth and radiant looking complexion.  Then steam is applied and thorough extractions are performed.  Next a blemish oil containing essential oils and antioxidants known for the germicidal and drainage properties is massaged into the skin.  The next step is using a high frequency to zap away acne and impurities by killing bacteria in the skin.  A calming booster is then applied to defuse redness and provide antiseptic properties.  Finally a seaweed clay mask with antiseptic essential oils is applied to help remove impurities, reduce sebum production and future breakouts while improving skin texture.  After removing the mask, the skin is nourished and revitalized with a serum and a light-weight corrective moisturizer that is ideal for acne prone skin.  Lastly, an advanced acne spot treatment is applied to each blemish to dry out acne and improve sebaceous flow and provide antiseptic control.

Express Facial $65

Get your glow on the go!  Carrie will focus this 30 minute facial on your main concerns whether it be exfoliation and deep cleansing or tightening and deep hydration.  Great maintenance between facials.

Classic Teen Facial $95

This facial addresses the special needs of young skin including breakouts, oiliness and sensitivity.  During the facial, your teen will be educated on how to properly care for his or her skin at home.

Classic Gentlemen's Facial $95

This facial is designed to soothe masculine skin and provide you with the same benefits and results as the Classic Facial.  Face the world with a fresh and healthy complexion.

Back Treatment $95

This relaxing one hour back treatment is great if you breakout on your back or just want a deep cleansing on your back.  Just like the Classic Facial but on your back!

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Add On's
NuFace Microcurrent Treatment $45

Treat your skin with an advanced treatment that "exercises your face".  This facial treatment will lift, firm and sculpt your skin using unique micro-currents.  Results are instant and cumulative with up-keep recurring treatments.  Add an additional half hour to your facial.  *Can also be a half hour facial with cleansing and hydrating mask for $65

Eye Treatment Mask $15

This result-oriented treatment targets visible signs of aging around the eye.  It tightens and firms tired, stressed eyes as well as lighten dark circles, reduce puffiness, and soften the appearance of crows feet around the eyes.

Lip Treatment $15 / Neck Treatment $18

These treatments use wholesome ingredients of milk, honey that exfoliate and hydrate the skin, natural plant ingredients and marine-based collagen boost skins firmness, aloe, vitamine E & C and rose oil that soothe and nourish the skin.

Hand Treatment $18

This  deluxe treatment will give you the results of a facial on your hands, leaving them rejuvenated and smooth.

Zap Away Acne $10

On clean skin, blemish oil containing tea tree oil is applied, followed by a high frequency to zap away all bacteria and acne.  Finished with a sea clay mask to dry out acne.  Within two days after zapping, blemishes will flatten out and disappear.

Wow Brow $22

Give tired eyes a lift!  Wow Brow reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffiness, while opening the eyes to create a more lifted, youthful eye using the NuFACE micro-current.  Great to add to any facial, eye brow design or makeup application.

Facial Cupping $18 -  NEW

Super charge your skin with all natural Facial Cupping.  Cupping therapy is an ancient Chinese medicine therapy technique that stimulates collagen production, eliminates puffiness and enhances a glowing complexion.  This unique technique also helps to shrink pore size and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Facial Waxing

Using all natural gentle honey and aloe wax

Eyebrow Design $15

A waxing & tweezing combination

Eyebrow Tweezing $20
Lip Wax $8
Chin Wax $8
Sides of Face Wax $8
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Facial Packages Available:  $20 off each facial of your choice with a series of 6 facials
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